The “Moby Wicks” are specifically weaved organic fibers.


The length of the weave depends on the length of the material which is being weaved, meaning from 0 to infinity, but this is just a theory, practically there aren’t such lengthy fibers, and who needs them when a maximum of 5 cm is enough.

Seeing as weaving is a loose term, a constant value had to be used for the description of the final product, and that is the length of the fiber bundle before the weaving.

It’s difficult to determine the exact diameter.  Organic materials have the ability to swell after absorption.  So we had to be creative and come up with a way of characterization.  That’s why we describe the diameter of the cord with the number of weaved fibers and the diameter of the coil which is applied.


We all know how much better our body feels with clothes made from natural materials than with synthetic ones. This is due to their ability to absorb the moisture which separates from the body, allowing the skin to breathe, in simple words – they do not sweat.

Organic materials are distinguished by their high absorbenc.

It is the combination of absorption and capillarity that guarantees the best results for the weave.


The difference is in the length and density.

When weaving a unit, a ready wick has more yarn length compared to the same length inserted directly into coil yarn, which increases the quantity of liquid absorbed.

The density of the yarn depends on its production. It’s not a secret that most yarns present multiple strands twisted together, the harder they are twisted the denser they become, the contact with the liquid is performed on smaller area and that results in adverse conditions for good absorption.

While weaved wicks use single fibers. The very weave leaves sufficient space around the component fibers, which provides a larger area for wetting, and thus a possibility for faster and better absorption.



It’s clear that bamboo fiber is made of bamboo, but a lot of people don’t know that they are actually divided into two sorts, depending on the way they are extracted: Natural or Original Bamboo Fiber and Bamboo Viscose Fiber.

Natural (Original) Bamboo Fiber is directly obtained from bamboo through a mechanical process, without any chemical additives. They are 100% natural bamboo fibers.


Bamboo Viscose Fiber is produced by chemical activation of the bamboo pulp. They are obtained by generating bamboo cellulose.

In the making of knitted bamboo wicks, we use only products which are labeled by the manufacturer as Natural Bamboo.


Aiming for the best when producing knitted wicks, we continuously look and try different organic materials and combinations. When the results meet our expectations, we will not fail to boast about it.

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